Richard Amott

Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired)

President, Full Bird Productions, LLC


Full Bird Productions was started by Richard Amott in June 2017 to enable him to pursue his long-time goals of becoming an actor, a voice over artist, and technical military consultant in the entertainment industry. Richard became a member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) in 2016 after his recurring role as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Season Four of House of Cards qualified him for eligibility. He has since reprised this role in Seasons Five and Six of House of Cards bringing a sense of natural ability to the role as he is a highly decorated, retired U.S. Army Colonel, with a long career as a Military Intelligence Officer with Special Operations wartime service in Iraq. Richard’s ability to realistically portray military characters led to his being cast as a British Red Coat officer in AMC's Season 4 of Turn: Washington’s Spies and as a Navy Admiral in Season 7 of Homeland.

Additionally, Richard is a professionally trained all-around voice over actor. Testimonials from his coaches and fellow voice over professionals include:

"…If you're looking for an all-around voice actor, look no further than Richard Amott.  Believable, conversational and clear, Richard's Mike Rowe-esque tone will bring your commercial and narration copy to life!"  Steven Wahlberg, Vice-President, Suchavoice
"…I had the great pleasure of working with Richard Amott as his voice over coach through Suchavoice. He is really a natural...intelligent, funny and quick to pick up technique.
Richard has a very marketable, contemporary sound...deep, friendly, guy-next-door. His strong acting chops allow him to swing easily from rugged cowboy to elegant sophistication. I would highly recommend him to any voice over client."  Bonnie Gilgallon, Professional Voice Over Artist and Suchavoice Coach
"…As Producer for Suchavoice, I had the pleasure of producing Richard Amott's commercial and narration demos at Bias Studios in Springfield, VA. With style, humor and the utmost professionalism, Richard was able to bring a natural and believable delivery to each piece of copy. 
From convincing us to get fit with Nordic Track to encouraging us to become an adventurer with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, he showcased his understanding of script analysis, as well as creating diversity in all of his reads.
Richard   has the rich, warm, genuine sound that will create a bond between your message and your listeners.  Simply a pleasure to work with in the recording session."  - Angela Castonguay, Professional Voice Over Artist, Demo Producer, and Suchavoice Coach
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